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i needed change.

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i didn't dye my hair, which is why i'm surprised to see that you did.

IF i see you in a week with some crazy hair color... *fist taps palm three times*

holy omg you're a brief!!!!!!!

I loooooooove youuuu and miss you!! I'll be done with school in 2.5 weeks and we need to be together.

ROMEO!!! i miss you like crazy. CRAZy.
i hope school is going well. what is this, round one of grad school?

Yes.... round one. it was crazy! it's so much work. i can't wait to be done for the summer.
you and i need massive, massive bonding and love time.
here and in nyc. yes yes indeed.

oh and i was listening to the briefs in the car the other day really, really loud. and i missed you!

the last one made me think of Macully Caulkin in home alone. You've done well.

i've heard that i could be a malfoy three times now

that gif picture reminds me of Warhol. You just need the under hair black....... you could be a super star.

ps. Look out for a package of awesome sometime next week~

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